Diamond Painting 101: Beginners Guide

Diamond painting has become popular in recent years due to its simplicity, calming, relaxing effects, and stunning results. It’s a fantastic pastime for people of all ages since the results are incredible, and anyone can quickly create an excellent piece of art.

Each diamond painting kit includes a paper or plastic-wrapped adhesive canvas where the artist may begin placing diamonds (also known as “drills”) into their correct spots. Most diamond painting kits come with a pen and wax, which helps pick up and arrange the drills quickly and correctly. In addition to the pre-printed and adhesive canvas, coloured drills, and specialty pen, diamond painting kits also include slotted trays which help align the drills for easy picking up. Some kits also come with other handy accessories including tweezers, pen grips and plastic storage bags for your drills.

What is Diamond Painting, exactly?

Diamond painting is a mixed-media craft that is similar to cross stitch with elements also similar to painting by numbers. It is a relatively new addition to the crafting hobby. Diamond painting is simple to understand, straightforward, and soothing while crafting. Diamond painting, like paint-by-number, uses a pre-printed, gridded, and coded canvas as a template for the artwork and it is different from traditional painting. Instead of using liquid paint and a brush, the artist uses tiny plastic diamonds, or drills, to fill each specified spot. The process of creating a diamond painting can be both fascinating and restful.

The Contents of a Diamond Painting Kit

Every Blinging Craft diamond painting kit includes the following items:

  • Design chart on the pre-printed canvas
  • Coloured drills (diamonds) in bags
  • Pen for picking the diamonds
  • Tweezers
  • Wax Pad
  • Slotted Tray

Why Do People Love Diamond Painting

No prior experience is required.

You don’t need any prior diamond painting experience to enjoy the hobby. Most people’s busy schedules prevent them from acquiring a new skill which make diamond painting perfect craft for a busy person. All you need for diamond painting is a canvas kit and a little patience. Diamond Painting Kits let you personalise your artwork to suite your lifestyle.

It’s pretty relaxing!

Because it does not need a lot of thought, diamond painting is a fantastic stress reliever. Unlike other crafts, diamond painting does not require you to solve problems or master complicated techniques. However, it provides you with something to concentrate on with expectation. It’s a fantastic way to relax after a long day.

There aren’t many things you’ll need.

Have you ever attempted to begin a craft only to become frustrated because you couldn’t locate all the necessary materials? Nothing matters when it comes to Diamond Painting because the kit contains everything you’ll need for your crafting adventure.

It Brings The Family Together

The entire family may diamond paint together on one large canvas or individual paintings around the table in the evening or during the holidays, creating lifelong memories. At any age, your children may diamond paint and create something beautiful. It’s fantastic for children to be able to view their work.

You get a work of art to display.

You may make an excellent piece of art for your house by using diamond painting. You have the option of choosing a kit that expresses your personality or a custom kit with your image. Diamond painting allows you to pass on a skill that you like practising to others.

What is a Diamond Drill?

Diamond drills come in both round and square shapes. Square drills are square diamonds, while round drills are circular diamond. Because round drills do not entirely line up, they are easier to manipulate. They are consequently preferred by those who are new to diamond painting or wish to have a peaceful experience.

Round drills allows part of the canvas background to show through, which adds to the overall look of your picture. Use square holes to avoid gaps in the painting that reveal the canvas beneath. Square drills are convenient for a more detailed finished design. However, squares can sometimes be thought of as harder to work with and less forgiving with drill placement.

Canvases for Diamond Painting

Canvases serve as the painting’s backdrop, and they’re covered with strong adhesive to keep your diamond or drill in place, as well as labelled with numbers and sections indicating which colour of diamond belongs where.

What Canvas Size Should I Choose?

When choosing the type of diamond painting to work on, keep the canvas size and drill types in mind because the more detailed the image, the bigger the picture. Scaling up, investing extra time, and creating a larger painting that emphasises significant characteristics of your photo is worthwhile.

If you want to know the pros and cons of both small and large size canvases, check out the What Size Diamond Painting Should I Buy? blog post.

Full vs Partial: What’s the difference?

In diamond painting, the difference between “full” and “partial” refers to the area of the canvas that is covered within diamond painting drills. A full canvas means the full canvas area and design is made up entirely of diamond painting drills, giving the impression of a mosaic. Whereas a partial canvas means that only smaller portion of the design requires diamond drills to be placed on it while the rest of the design has been printed directly onto the canvas.

To find out more about full vs partial diamond paintings, head over to the What is the Difference Between Full Drill and Partial Drill Diamond Paintings blog post.

Adhesive Types Used in Diamond Painting

There are two types of glue used to make diamond painting kits. Some manufacturers employ double-sided tape on their canvases, while others utilise poured glue adhesive.

Double-Sided Tape

You can easily identify a canvas that is using double sided tape as its adhesive surface as it is almost always covered using a non-stick white paper covering over the top. You cannot see the design on canvases with double sided tape adhesive until this cover is removed.

Poured Glue

Poured glue is applied manually directly to the top of the canvas using a liquid glue which is then cured to set. Once set, it is covered by a clear plastic and you can easily see the printed canvas below the glue.

Which adhesive is better?

There is no right or wrong answer and it comes down to personal preference. A lot of diamond painters do prefer poured glue as there are less potential issues with it verses double sided adhesive but then there are also those who don’t like poured glue because they feel there isn’t as much adhesion and the drills can move around too easily.

As the double sided tape comes in rolls and is applied over the top of a printed canvas, there is the risk that it is not placed correctly and may result in air bubbles being present underneath the adhesive or fine wrinkles being present. These can be generally rectified by popped the air bubbles and re-pressing the adhesive down.

The double sided tape adhesive may also overlap the edges of the design, resulting in extra sticky areas that can gather dust while you are working on your design. Poured glue on the other hand is generally limited to the bounds of the design, with only minimal overlap. In both types of adhesive, this sticky overlap can easily be delt with by using Washi Tape to line the edges of your design.

Onwards to your Diamond Painting Journey

Now that you’ve learned more about the process of diamond painting, it’s time to get your kits. Consider if you want a full or partial canvas, whether you want square or round drilling, and the size of your painting. After you’ve figured everything out, you can start working on your masterpiece while having a good time!

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