What is the Difference Between Full Drill and Partial Drill Diamond Paintings?

If you’re getting into the world of diamond painting and trying to figure out how you want to venture out into your first diamond painting kit, one of the most important things to get familiar with is the different terms that often get tossed out without explanation.  Regardless of the canvas size or shape of diamonds that you choose for your journey, one of the choices that you’ll need to make is between partial drill or full drill diamond paintings.  But…what’s the difference?

Partial drill diamond paintings

This is often the first choice for those that have never tried painting with diamonds before.  These canvases are carefully designed to have drills (another name for the resin “diamonds”) placed on only in specific parts of the canvas,  These selective parts are where you would place your diamonds, while the rest stays diamond free and shows the design of the canvas only.

In essence, only certain, carefully chosen parts of your full print will be blinging with diamonds.  These sparkly parts immediately draw the eye and tell it what to focus on when it comes to appreciating the final print on the wall.

Cropped Completed Round Partial Diamond Painting

Full drill diamond paintings

This is typically seen as the more “advanced” option, though it is still beginner friendly.  In this canvas, every inch of it is drilled and the symbols are used to show you where to place which diamonds.  Every part of the canvas has a diamond placed on it, and the diamonds themselves are used to bring out the print.

It’s a dramatic and sparkling scene that often gives a mosaic perspective when appreciated from a distance.  No one part is emphasized since every part is decorated with the naturally shimmering diamonds!

Which one should I get?

The reality is, it’s truly a personal choice whether you go with a partial or full drill canvas when considering diamond painting in Australia.  Many find the full drill canvas to be overwhelming at first, making the partial more appealing.  However, those who want a fun project find the partial drill to be too easy.

Whether you find the partial canvas or the full canvas more appealing, both are sure to give you the same benefits when it comes to admiring the finished piece as you step back from it.  The only question remains, then, whether you want full diamonds and their stunning appeal, or take a more minimalist approach and stick with the carefully targeted partial drill canvas.  Perhaps some prints look better with partial and some look better with full, too!  There is so much fun to be had in making your choice.  When all else fails: try both!

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