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My name is Amy King and I am the founder of Blinging Craft, a proud supplier of world-class diamond painting kits based in Kingaroy, Queensland.  I feel that being creative and exploring our artistic abilities is absolutely one of the most important things we can do in life.  Keeping our minds active with interesting hobbies is also essential to our overall health.

I’ve been a crafting maniac since a very early age.  At four years-old, I painted more rocks than I could count, and by ten, I was obsessed with cross stitch.  When I was later introduced to diamond painting, I was jazzed!  I loved how similar it was to my beloved cross stitching – only with more sparkle!

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As I dove head first into the world of diamond painting...

I began to recognize a frustrating problem that happened far too frequently.  I found it to be nearly impossible to find a local supplier of good kits, so I was forced to place orders that took months to arrive from China.  When I finally received them, I was often completely disappointed in the quality and they were usually missing several drills.

I reached my wits’ end and set out on a hunt for a reliable and consistent source of easily-accessible, premium quality canvasses and drills.  When I found one, I was ecstatic!  I knew that I had found incredible kits that I could offer for a great deal and ship to diamond painting enthusiasts across Australia.  And voila!  Here, I am!

I launched Blinging Craft in January 2020

It may be a small business, but customer satisfaction is my top priority.  I personally inspect every kit I receive for quality and to ensure it is complete, without any missing pieces.  That way, when it arrives at your door, I know your unboxing will not disappoint in any way.  Just how it should be.

Providing you with the supplies you need to tap into your creative side brings me so much joy.  I firmly believe it is something the world needs more of.  I am extremely passionate about sharing the magic of diamond art painting with others. I know that this hobby can be very healing for some people, so it is important to me to be an affordable and steadfast domestic resource for these kits.

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