Washi Tape and Its Use in Diamond Painting

Introducing new crafting materials is undoubtedly beneficial to keen crafters since it boosts inventiveness. Washi tape is not a brand-new crafting material, but it is a new addition to diamond painting materials. The name ‘Washi’ Tape simply means Paper Tape in Japanese. The name is associated with paper because the tape is created from natural materials used for making paper, such as bamboo and hemp. 

Washi Tape, known initially as MT (masking tape), differs from other industrial tapes. Its objective was to make an adhesive tape that can quickly peel off if need be. It has the perfect amount of stickiness and can cling to and detach from various surfaces without causing harm on the surface. Washi tape’s stunning patterns and colours make it an excellent tool for multiple crafts, like diamond painting. Using Diamond Painting and Washi Tape is always a good experience.

Washi Tape Techniques for Diamond Painting

Are you curious about the relationship between washi tape and diamond painting? There are plenty of really helpful uses of washi tape to improve your diamond painting experience.

Protector for Canvas Edges

Use your washi tape around the margins of your canvas. It aids in the protection of the canvas against dust and filth and covers the sticky glue that goes over the design boundaries. Gently remove the tape and frame after the painting, to obtain a beautiful finish.

Making of Grids

You may use washi tape to make a square grid so you can work on the design in portions while keeping the canvas clean. Once a section of the canvas has been painted, the painter may remove the washi tape and protective cover from that section without causing damage to the canvas’s surface.

Decorative and affordable Frame

Framing your diamond painting adds to its value, but it can be costly. Your diamond painting may be finished and the edge nicely framed using Washi tape. Strips of Washi tapes around the edges a diamond painting will have the same appearance as a decorative frame. So keep your creativity flowing by presenting your painting in a lovely washi tape frame.

Decorations on Diamond Painting Accessories

You may use Washi tape to embellish your painting equipment in addition to utilizing it on your painting project. Diamond painting is linked with accessories, so adorning them with washi tape in your preferred patterns and colours may let you express yourself. You may also use washi tape to customise and embellish your toolbox, portfolio, or even your diamond painting workspace or desk. Your washi tape creativity may also be used to decorate the walls of your studio or crafting areas and any other location that will inspire you.

Today, try your hand at a simple project using a selection of our diamond painting designs and washi tape colours to make your crafts stand out! More washi tape designs are getting added every month so be sure to keep an eye out for new washi tape releases.

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