The Joys of a Diamond Painting Advent Calendar

Christmas is a time to celebrate everything COLORFUL and BEAUTIFUL. Start a colourful Christmas this year with our unique, hand-picked Diamond Painting Advent Calendar box. The package comes with an array of Diamond Painting tools and a small diamond painting project that you may complete and enjoy and enjoy with your family until Christmas.

The advent calendar is a box with 24 surprises that you unwrap from December 1 to 24. The Blinging Diamond Painting Advent Calendar Box contains essential equipment and diamond painting projects that have been painstakingly hand-picked. Although one or more of the items on the following list may be included in the box, the majority of the contents are a surprise:

  • AB Drills
  • Bookmarks
  • Keyrings
  • Pens
  • Washi tape and more!
  • Plus a very special gift on the 24th

Advantages of Diamond Painting Advent Calendars

More Fun in Life

Your thoughtfully packed Diamond Painting Advent Calendar box will allow you to do your own diamond painting projects, which will give you a sense of accomplishment, reduce stress during the creation process, emotional adjustment, increase self-confidence in knowing that you can create beautiful things on your own, and cultivate patience, which is ideal for the elderly and children.

Perfect Gift for Others

The Diamond Painting Advent Calendar box is an ideal early Christmas gift for people of all ages. Making excellent dazzle diamonds paintings with this box of one-of-a-kind equipment and materials is a great way to express yourself and reduce tension for you and your loved ones.

Unite the Family

Christmas is a time when individuals look forward to spending time with their family and friends. Our Diamond Painting Advent Calendar box will open a window for you and your family to spend time together creating a lovely painting and enjoy your holidays with a range of diamond painting projects to share.

Why a Diamond Painting Advent Calendar is for You

This diamond Advent Calendar  box is loaded with diamond painting equipment and accessories. Every day from 24th of December until Christmas, open a package to surprise yourself!

With these 24 grids loaded with excellent diamond painting accessories and some little DIY things, it’s an exciting countdown to Christmas. Enjoy containers brimming with diamond art-related items, as well as a few more surprises!

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts 24 days before Christmas? This Diamond Painting Advent Calendar box would make a wonderful Christmas present for diamond painters addicted to collecting quality equipment for their 5D diamond painting kits.

With a diamond painting theme surprise, find a fun method to count down the days till Christmas. There is $200 worth of goodies hidden behind the 24 doors of this rare Premium Diamond Painting Advent Calendar box for only $140.

The box is a limited edition, and you can pre-order it right now! Keep in mind that our goods are in high demand, so hurry and place your purchase while supplies remain!

Also Available – Diamond Painting Advent Calendar Canvas Kits

If you are looking for something a bit different to a full diamond painting advent calendar box full of diamond painting and accessories, why not take a look at our Diamond Painting Advent Calendar Canvas Kits. Available in both round and square drills with a range of different categories to choose from, our Blinging Advent Calendar Kits are a big hit.

Stock is limited so be sure to get in before they run out!

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