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Diamond Painting Review: LZAIQIZG (Aliexpress)

Honest Diamond Painting Kit Reviews

There are so many sellers on Aliexpress that it gets so confusing knowing who is actually a quality seller of Diamond Painting Kits. It can be a bit like Russian roulette buying from Aliexpress sellers simply because you never quite know what you will get in the mail. To provide just a little bit of clarity, I decided to purchase some diamond paintings from a few different sellers on Aliexpress to do honest reviews on the diamond painting kits I receive and the experience I have while completing each design.

As I would like to get as many diamond painting reviews completed as possible, I’m most likely going to be limiting my kit size to 30cm X 40cm or smaller. My very first review will be on a diamond painting kit purchased from LZAIQIZG Official Store.

Diamond Kit Summary

Seller: LZAIQIZG Official Store
Design: Colourful Cartoon Cats
Size: 20cm X 20cm
Drill Type: Square
Cost: $4.54 AUD (inc GST)

Diamond Kit Review

Price: 4 out of 5

LZAIQIZG Official Store is very competitive for their diamond painting kit pricing. This kit only cost $4.54 (inc GST) and the larger kit I also purchased at the same time (40cm X 50cm) was $16.80 (inc GST).

Shipping and Packaging: 4 out of 5

Shipping time was OK considering it came from China over the Christmas/New Years period. I ordered the kit on the 13/12/19 and they shipped it on the 20/12/09. I received it on the 07/01/20 so it took 26 days from ordering to receiving the kit.

I ordered 2 kits from LZAIQIZG and they came in a black air filled tube. The canvas came wrapped around the drills with no other internal support.

Kit Quality: 3.5 out of 5

The kit was pretty good quality. The canvas 24cm x 24cm with the pasting area being true to size at 20cm x 20cm The design came covered with a white cover that was all one piece. There was no creasing on the canvas or the glue. There wasn’t a lot of spare space included around the edge of the design so it would require an extra step or two to frame without showing any of the printing. Included with the kit was the:

  • Canvas
  • Drills
  • White tray (9.5cm x 5.5cm)
  • Diamond pen with a 9 drill attachment
  • Rectangle of wax
  • Cheap tweezers

Drill Quality: 2.5 out of 5

This was my first square diamond kit that I had attempted. I have to say I did really enjoy the process of making sure everything fit perfectly. I found it more satisfying than when I complete a round version. The kit included DMC numbers as well which is always handy.

The kit included 28 colours which surprised me for its size. There were plenty of square drills left over for every colour after it was completed. I did find however there was a fair amount of “trash” drills in this kit. The worst colour by far was 939 however most colours did have dodgy drills where the squares were misshapen, had tags on the sizes or were too big/small.

Canvas Stickiness: 4 out of 5

I had no problems with the canvas stickiness with this kit. I did find that some drills still popped out  from time to time but none are actually falling off.

Icon Clarity: 2.5 out of 5

I struggled from time to time with some of the icons on this kit. There were a few where I couldn’t even see what icon it was meant to be. I used a light pad while doing this and still struggled sometimes. Without the light pad it was near impossible.

Overall Score: 3.4 out of 5

Overall the kit was a positive experience. The only real frustration I had while completing it was the icon clarity sometimes. If you are looking for a good entry level store that is both affordable and decent quality, LZAIQIZG Official Store is certainly a good choice to look at.

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