5 Tips for Diamond Painting During Quarantine

Quarantine is now a reality around the world and it has led us all to searching for fun things that we can do at home.  Most of us are now with our kids 24/7, but not many of us know just how to make sure that everyone stays entertained and happy for that amount of time!  If you’re feeling the bounds of your home starting to become restrictive, you might just want to try out diamond painting!  Diamond painting kits in Australia are now amongst the top creative adventures and they’ve brought many families and households joy and relaxation.  Want to make the most out of your own adventure into diamond painting?  Here’s what you should know.

The best 5 tips for diamond painting during quarantine

  1. Choose to make it a family activity: You’re going to want to bring everyone in on the fun by making it a family event that you can all do together.  It may take some convincing, but diamond painting is more fun when you’ve got everyone working together on something special.
  1. Bring everyone in on the choice of the print: If you choose to go with one large print, make sure that every family member is heard on the choice of the print itself.  If you just can’t agree, then get everyone their own prints to help keep the peace!
  1. Don’t stress about mistakes: Diamond painting tends to be pretty easy with the colour-coded gemstones and the ease for matching them to the symbols.  But, if there is some sort of mistake or misunderstanding, keep it in perspective.  Is it really the end of the world if it’s a pink gemstone instead of a blue one?  It customizes it and the temper tantrum will be more memorable than the mistake when you get some space from it.
  1. Don’t go too big or too complex at first: If you’re new to diamond painting, don’t go for a huge, complicated print with a lot of different shades of colours.  Go with one that looks fun and relatively simple and then you can try harder ones as you get more comfortable with it and see what you like best.
  1. Add some tunes and snacks: Let’s be honest.  The best thing about quarantine — if there is such a thing as “best” — is the snacks.  So, add in some delicious snacks and some family-chosen songs or radio stations and make it into a fun thing to do every day or a few times a week, etc.

While this year has already presented its own set of unique challenges, it doesn’t mean that everything is cancelled or stressful.  Fun and games still exist in your home, and diamond painting is going to be a great way to explore that as family.  Whether it’s something you do to just take the edge off, or it ends up being an important part of your family’s habits regularly, these tips will help you to make the most out of your adventure! 

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